Cloud Contact Center

We immediately provide state-of-the-art voice and text call center services without having to make any infrastructure investment.

Bulut Santral

We ensure that you manage all your contact center needs on the cloud on a single platform and with multi-channel options including IVR, Web Chat, BIP Chat and WhatsApp.

We quickly realize your projects in the manner most suitable to your business processes with our strong technological infrastructure and teams. We also offer dashboard, playback and reporting tools with which you can track the performance of your teams while providing uninterrupted services to your customers using our call center switchboard technologies that can be integrated to all access channels.

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Bulut Santral


Quality Assessment

Scores quality..

Media Record & Voice Response System

Voice and screen records are recorded without any additional license.

Records can be listened and viewed through the web interface.

Outbound IVR: ProFX calls can be made.

IVR commands are managed.

Webphone & Webchat

Calls are received as web-based.

The representative and the manager can make simultaneous calls.

The manager can perform real-time monitoring.

Outbound Call

Preview: Starting a call with the operator.

Progressive: Starting a call with the system and termination by the operator.

IVR OB (No Operator)

Dashboard & Management Plan

Real-time data monitoring.

Ability to manage call interface and systems from common areas.


Integration is easily provided with other solutions.

Other Services

Interactive Voice Response Systems (IVR)

Customer Management Platform (CMS)


Video Call Center

Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

Social Media Management

Speech Analytics

Global Bilgi Digital Assistant

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Digital Helpdesk

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