Digital Services

Global Bilgi offers digital solutions for a unique customer experience!

Every digitized improvement and automatization of the internal processes of companies ensures that the customer is responded more quickly and accurately and greatly supports the resource management of companies. At Global Bilgi we enrich our customer interaction with our digital services and create sustainable value for your digital future.

Cloud Contact Center

We immediately provide state-of-the-art voice and text call center services without having to make any infrastructure investment.

Interactive Voice Response Systems (IVR)

We receive high-volume calls or forward them to the relevant unit to provide cost advantages.

Customer Management Platform (CMS)

We offer customer contact and task management services integrated with Turkcell Global Bilgi Customer Management Platform (CMS).


With Chat/Bots, we offer automatic customer communication supported by Artificial Intelligence.

Video Call Center

Video calls have become a prominent need in communication today along with voice communication. Using our Video Call Center Service you can immediately provide video call services to your customers without having to make any infrastructure investment.

Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

Using optical character recognition technology, we ensure that information and documents are digitized and data are entered and stored.

Social Media Management

We track and reply comments from social media platforms from a single platform.

Speech & Text Analytics

With our Speech & Text Analytics Platform, we offer you the means to obtain information that make a difference by gaining insight while managing customer experience.

Global Bilgi Digital Assistant

Human-Like Experience on Service Channels

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

We perform routine, repeated and time-consuming operations with robots.

Digital Helpdesk

Son kullanıcının yazılım veya donanım konularında ihtiyaç duyduğu teknik desteği uçtan uca uzaktan sağlıyoruz.

We deliver exceptional customer experience solutions.

Incorporated in 1999 as a Turkcell Group company, Turkcell Global Bilgi offers services with more than sixteen thousand employees at 15 locations in Turkey