Global Bilgi Digital Assistant

Human-Like Experience on Service Channels

While it was sufficient to conduct transactions for customers through natural communication in the early stages when applications understanding natural language were used, today customers expect the service channel to recognize him/her, understand his/her needs better and to be offered recommendations that meet their needs, keeping their basic need in mind during the conversation.

The development of the artificial intelligence technology offers the means to respond to increasing customer needs. With our Global Bilgi Digital Assistant service we offer the most human-like experience to customers by jointly using natural language processing and artificial intelligence technologies. Corporations that make customers feel they are receiving in-person service from a live person, that the corporation providing the service recognizes him/her, knows his/her needs and takes action to meet such needs in each service channel are able to improve customer experience.


Instantly Receives Both Voice and Text Calls Without Delay

Understands the Customer Using Artificial Intelligence and Provides The Reply of Our Corporation

Forwards to The Relevant Customer Representative If Faced with An Issue It Has Not Learned Yet

Continuously Learns and Develops Its Library

Manages All Partner Services with Voice

Other Services

Cloud Contact Center

Interactive Voice Response Systems (IVR)

Customer Management Platform (CMS)


Video Call Center

Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

Social Media Management

Speech Analytics

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Digital Helpdesk

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