We deliver exceptional customer experience solutions.

When we were founded as a Turkcell group company in 1999, our goal was always to provide a unique customer experience.

Over the years, our goal has never changed and today, with the same focus and increasing enthusiasm, we continue to improve the customer experience of companies with more than 16 thousand employees in 15 locations.

In addition to our deep-rooted experience in the telecom sector, we serve in the finance, insurance, e-commerce, retail, transportation, FMCG, aviation, automotive, technology, energy and public sectors.

In order to achieve a unique customer experience, we have strengthened our call services, which are a traditional channel under our Main Services, by adding Digital, Technological and Consultancy Services.

We use our digital services such as RPA (Robotic Process Automation), Digital Help Desk, Social Sniffer, Speech Analytics, Bulut Santral, Chat & Chat Bot to provide a faster, cost-saving and easily accessible customer experience.

Since customer experience is an end-to-end process, we offer consultancy services such as Experience Design, Quality & Research Management and the design phase of this experience from an analytical perspective.

Our call services, which are among our main services, are not only provided through voice channel, but also supported by video calls and Interactive Voice Response systems (IVR) to provide our customers with a unique experience.