Customer Management Platform (CMS)

We offer customer contact and task management services integrated with Turkcell Global Bilgi Customer Management Platform (CMS).

It is an ideal CRM solution for managing customer information and the records of past transactions. It can integrate with other Global Bilgi solutions.

Integrated with the Global Bilgi Cloud-Based Switchboard and text channels, the Customer Management Platform (CMS) offers easy 360-degree customer management. Manage your front office and back office needs from a single platform through screens that pop-up upon customer contact.


Job Description and Automatic Distribution

Flow Generation/Rule Management

SLA, Escalation and Delegation Management


Form Design

Making Announcements

Providing Read and Time Information

Multi-Channel Management


Other Services

Cloud Contact Center

Interactive Voice Response Systems (IVR)


Video Call Center

Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

Social Media Management

Speech Analytics

Global Bilgi Digital Assistant

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Digital Helpdesk

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