Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

We perform routine, repetitive and time-consuming processes with our robots.

With Robotic Process Automation (RSO), we automate your processes without the need for system integration and remove the obstacles in front of you in digitalization.

With our robots, we automate manual and time-consuming routine work steps in your processes.

Thus, your customer representatives focus on their core business and increase customer satisfaction by providing fast and error-free service.

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Supplier Specifications

Payment Follow-Up and Accurate Purchase Transactions

Monthly and Annual Closing Reports

Collection Control and Alarm Generation

‘Job Start' and 'Job End' Transactions

Preparing Payrolls and Employee Benefits


Transferring Customer Information to Systems

Scanning Social Channels

Market & Competition Survey

Invoice, Agreement and Return Management

Integration Between Warehouse Applications and ERP Programs

User Transactions Password Change

User Identification

System Control

Other Services

Bulut Santral

Social Sniffer

Chat & Chat Bot

Video Call Center

Speech Analytics

Customer Management Platform

Speech to Text

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