Coca-Cola İçecek and Turkcell Global Bilgi won the grand prize with the Telsell project.

International 1st Prize
in “Digital Customer Experience”
for Coca-Cola İçecek and Turkcell Global Bilgi

Coca-Cola İçecek (CCI) and Turkcell Global Bilgi won the grand prize with the Telsell project at the International CX Awards 2022, where the world’s ‘best’ in the field of Customer Experience competed. Telsell, which won the gold medal by surpassing its international competitors with the digital customer experience it offers to its customers, offers sales and order tracking to small-scale customers such as cafes, restaurants and grocery stores that are difficult to physically access in the field through remote digital channels. The project brings fast and low-cost solutions to business processes.

Turkcell Global Bilgi, which focuses on a ‘unique digital customer experience’, and Coca-Cola İçecek, which prioritizes creating value for its customers, continue to crown the value it provides to its customers with awards. Turkcell Global Bilgi and Coca-Cola İçecek received the gold award with the “Telsell” project in the “Best Business-to-Business Customer Experience – Best B2B CX” category at the 2022 International Customer Experience Awards, where businesses, products and services operating in the field of Customer Experience are evaluated and rewarded on a global scale.

Telsell, jointly developed by Turkcell Global Bilgi and Coca-Cola İçecek (CCI), offers high service quality to various businesses such as small-scale grocery stores, markets and cafes that are difficult to access in the field. Telsell reaches customers using Turkcell Global Bilgi’s digital services such as call center, video calls, instant messaging and robotic process automation (RPA) instead of driving to remote locations and taking orders. In addition to the sales service offered, businesses can also receive technical support and sales training support through digital channels.

Customer-oriented Approach Brought an Award

Coca-Cola İçecek (CCI) Turkey General Manager Hasan Ellialtı stated that the award is an important proof of the focus on customer experience. “As CCI, we have more than 300 thousand sales points in Turkey alone and our priority is to win together with all these customers. One of the most important initiatives of our strategy to create a holistic customer experience from different channels integrated with each other is our Telsell project. Our customers’ satisfaction rates and sales figures have also increased with the system, which provides fast stock determination through the digital sales channel in field operations, time savings with digital ordering and positive contribution to operational logistics costs. Telsell is also a reflection of our principle of carrying the same service quality throughout Turkey. We will always continue to create value for our customers.”

Çağatay Aynur, General Manager of Turkcell Global Bilgi, commented on the award: “Today, as a leading company in its sector with 15 thousand employees in Turkey and abroad, we offer our customers a unique digital customer experience, the success of which has been recognized with global awards. We are proud and happy that the customer experience we have built has been recognized as an example in the international arena.”

Regarding the Telsell project, Aynur said: “Thanks to our Telsell project, our customer Coca-Cola İçecek quickly reaches sales points that are difficult to access in the field and require logistics costs. Telsell, which started in 2015 with only two customer representatives and served 600 customers, now serves 23 thousand customers with 50 customer representatives. The main reason for this success lies in the fact that we have made digitalization our focus. To give an example; I would like to state that we saved 7000 hours annually in business processes with 9 RPA scenarios in this project alone. We will continue to digitalize the customer experience, offer innovative solutions and do the best for our industry.”

The winners of the ICXA (International Customer Experience Awards) competition were announced at an online event on November 17th.

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