Provides Training and Development

At Turkcell Global Bilgi we maintain our training and development activities to raise and develop the best human resources of the industry.

We support our Leaders with the “Essential Leader”, our Experts with the “Expert at the Job” program and our Customer Representatives with the “Customer Experience Development Program” and always stand by their side on their personal, professional and capability development journeys.

Provides Career

We measure the performance and potentials of our colleagues through objective processes with Talent Management and reveal their true potential by offering personalized development/career opportunities. We support our Talent Management process by activating other important human resources processes such as training, salary management and rewarding.

Fun at Work

We liven up our colleagues every year with more than 700 activities organized by Social Club, which organized motivational activities with the motto “Liven up work” and our club Sport Club, which supports sports 🙂 Follow our instagram account @globalbilgiliyim for a closer look on life at Global Bilgi.

Provides Privileged Practices

At Global Bilgi we take care to ease the lives of our colleagues and accompany them on their special days.

We focus on bringing together the members of our family and offering communication platforms for sharing ideas with our practices such as Open Door, HR and the Ambassador Program.

Realizes Social Responsibility Projects

The purpose of Turkcell Volunteers is to realize social responsibility projects that contribute to the society with the contribution of our colleagues.

Our colleagues can make financial contributions to this association or participate as volunteers in projects realized by focusing on children and elders throughout the year.